Grow with interactive print

With Clickable Paper™ interactive print, your business can grow through mobile app marketing—a low-risk, pay-as-you-go, cloud-based revenue stream. Clickable Paper builds on what you do well, printing, by giving you a simple way to deliver electronic marketing materials.

Connect print and digital

What can be Clickable Paper enabled? Books, direct mail, signage, brochures, newspapers, posters and so on. These items can be linked to online resources such as websites, e-commerce portals, video, photos, social networks and more. Now advertisers have a good reason to keep buying print ads.

Go beyond QR codes

A QR code requires the use of a visible, unsightly barcode, and it’s limited to one link. A Clickable Paper-enabled page requires no editing or reformatting, and it can have several invisible hotspots, each with up to six links. Additionally, you can create a custom logo, look and feel for each of your customers to support consistent branding and messaging.

Improve click-through rates

App users like instant gratification. Marketers like to try, test and measure. Clickable Paper satisfies everyone. App users can play, learn or buy in seconds—watch a video, download a coupon, send a tweet, enroll in a sweepstakes. Marketers can fine tune campaigns using the analytics available from click-throughs.

For more information, contact clickablepaper@ricoh-usa.com.